Sofa Shopping: One Size Does Not Fit All | Things to Consider When Choosing a Sofa

Sofas are much more than a place to sit. It’s where we find comfort after a long, hard day. It’s where we connect and have meaningful, life-changing conversations. For some, ...

Decking the Halls | Collections Add Warmth, Character to Holidays

As temperatures dip and humidity becomes a memory, we naturally spend more time indoors. It’s easy to see why so many of us opt to decorate our homes for the ...

In the Throw of It | A Bevy of Blankets to Keep Everyone Comfortable this Season

As temperatures begin to fall, the blankets and throws found in your home can take on greater meaning. While these accessories can be overlooked, they are a great way to ...

Beguiling Benches | Banquettes Uplift Your Home

Just as adults scoot to cozy booths in restaurants, children often scramble to climb a comfy padded banquette in a kitchen nook, eschewing more formal table and chair arrangements. Of ...

Upcycling | The Better-Than-Basic Bookcase

Home decorating projects are always gratifying — but there’s something extra appealing about taking a piece of furniture that might be unused or under-utilized and upcycling it into a creative, ...

Color Is Back | How to Slide the Scale from Blah to Ta-Dah

Color can be the cure for all manner of life’s blahs, no doubt. While pre-pandemic life gave rise to a minimalistic retreat from the clutter and noise of a busy ...

Lighten Up | Lightening and Brightening Your Home for Summer

Summer is finally here and the sunshine brings with it the desire for lighter and brighter home interiors. With temperatures rising, your home should feel like a cool, calm oasis ...

Leave It All | On the Floor the Infinite Possibilities of Painting Your Floors

It feels so daunting, but it looks so good. When it’s done right, a painted floor is a showstopper, adding interest, depth and charm to any space. Plus, painting the ...

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