What’s Trending? THE PROS AND CONS OF WET ROOMS, BIDETS AND JETTED TUBS When it comes to places in a home that are used frequently, few outrank our bathrooms. Morning ...

Septic Systems 101

AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES WITH CARE & MAINTENANCE Septic system, sewage disposal system, country plumbing: these titles conjure images of mysterious superstitions and a host of misinformation that suggest maintaining a ...


Why You Might Want to Invest in an Upgrade We often procrastinate upgrading cookware because this chore feels like a bore. I remember many a wedding shower, mustering up half-hearted ...


Team up old-school safety smarts with digital tools Every homeowner deserves to feel safe and secure inside their residence. Unfortunately, in a world where criminals don’t hesitate to prey on ...

The Big Chill

THE COLD, HARD TRUTH ABOUT REFRIGERATORS Thinking of replacing an aging refrigerator? Or choosing one for a new home build or kitchen remodel? With the kitchen typically the hub for ...

Spring Cleaning Inspiration

BEST TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Spring cleaning, a tradition of deep cleaning when warmer weather begins, is the time-honored way to usher in a new season and tackle the toughest of ...

DIY Plumbing Care | Small Fixes to Stop Big Problems

When you think of fun DIY projects around the house, minor plumbing repairs may not top your list. Nevertheless, stuff happens to the water lifeline upon which our comfortable lives ...

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

from privacy to curb appeal, fences define your space Long used for privacy and protection, fences can also create a visual impact that enhances the value of your home. Far ...

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