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Lighten up with cooler colors and breezier décor

Transforming your home from warm and cozy for the cooler months into light and airy for spring and summer doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. A few changes here and there can easily evoke that fresh, breezy feeling we longed for all winter. Here’s a quick guide to transitioning your style from season to season.

First things first, tidy up!
One of the simplest ways to freshen up your living space from season to season is to dust and declutter. It doesn’t make sense to spend time redecorating if your home isn’t neat and clean. Before you add anything new, do a quick walk through and eliminate your old and tired décor to make room for some new additions.

While you’re surveying the areas you want to change, consider rearranging the furniture. Modifying the layout of a room instantly gives it new life. Why not position your furniture so you can better see the outdoors? Make sure your windows are clean enough to enjoy the lush greenery and bountiful colors of spring and summer flowers from the living or family room, where you probably spend most of your time. Enhance that view by switching out heavy drapes and curtains with simple sheers in white or cream.

Fabulous fabrics and natural materials
Window treatments aren’t the only fabrics that can be altered for the change of seasons. Revamp your existing sofa and throw pillows with slipcovers in a lightweight cotton or linen. A new duvet can brighten up a winter comforter, and you can even layer a new rug in a soft, neutral tone over that drab wall-to wall-carpet. Put away heavy blankets made of faux fur and wool, and replace them with more breathable fabrics. Placemats, tablecloths and napkins in soft pinks, blues, yellows and greens are perfect for summer dinners on the patio.

Natural fabrics and materials are paramount to achieving that carefree mood we are aiming for as the seasons change. Add woven baskets, driftwood or seagrass on shelves, coffee tables or mantles. Introducing a small piece of furniture like a side table or ottoman in teak, wicker or rattan will do the trick as well. Coral, sea shells or starfish scattered throughout the house take our minds down memory lane of those treasured beach vacations.

Color and more color
An infusion of color into your home can brighten your mood and easily liven up your space. Choose your favorites and incorporate them around the house in unexpected ways. In the kitchen, you can purchase inexpensive colorful barstools for the island, or switch out your everyday dinnerware for plates with summer themes and bright hues. Add a pop of color with new dish or tea towels, an updated light fixture or by painting the pantry door.

Indoor plants and fresh flowers not only add color, but they come with health benefits as well. They purify your air and reduce stress. Search out a local flower farm or farmer’s markets for wildflower bouquets. Popular choices for low maintenance indoor plants include bamboo, mosses or succulents in a terrarium, peace lilies and orchids.

Although color can make a big difference, don’t underestimate the ability of an all-white room to have an impact in your home as well. And adding mirrors to an any room will help reflect the room’s light and make it appear brighter and more open.

Smaller spaces have big potential
Bathrooms are a small space with the potential for a big change from season to season. Switching out rugs and towels in seasonal colors or installing a new shower curtain in an updated fresh pattern is a good place to start. If your bathroom cabinetry is on the smaller side, consider changing the paint color if it needs revamping. If you want to install traditional wallpaper, a first-floor powder room is usually a manageable size to tackle that project. However, peel-and-stick wallpaper is on trend and a perfect way to add color and style with less hassle and commitment.

Sounds, sights and smells of summer
When decorating from season to season, don’t forget to engage all of your senses. This will add to the overall feel of the house. Position planters filled with your favorite blooms outside so they are visible from many places inside your home. Add a fountain on your porch, and open your windows and doors from time to time to enjoy the sounds of water flowing and birds chirping. Add reed diffusers, candles and potpourri with your favorites scents of the summer such as lavender, gardenia, linen and lemon verbena. While you’re at it, incorporate a few new dinner and drink recipes to your entertaining menu and you’ll be ready to celebrate the summer with family and friends in your newly decorated home!

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