In Hot Water | 3 Things to Know About Water Heaters

Homeowners who’ve experienced a hot water outage know just how disruptive and inconvenient a dying hot water system can be. And while there’s never a good time for a water ...

Clearing the Air | Filtering Through Air Purifier Options

Cooler weather requires all of us to make changes at home to stay comfortable, such as keeping windows and doors tightly closed until mild weather returns. Although closing up our ...

Clean by Design | Laundry Spaces with Function and Personality Make Washing Less of a Load

In the not-too-distant past, the herky-jerky washing machine and its dryer buddy were banished to the corner of an unsightly, musty-smelling basement. At some point, some brilliant person realized that ...

Changing the View | Bring Flair to Your Home

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the near future, maintaining its exterior appearance is a smart move. Everyday home repairs are essential, of course, but occasional ...

The Power and Perils of Power Washing

Transforming a tranquil garden hose stream into a high-velocity jet blasted through a spray wand at 30 to 80 times its normal pressure is exhilarating—especially when cleaning results are instant ...

Hot Off the Grill | Make Mealtime Fun with the Latest Trends in Outdoor Cooking

Summer cookouts will never go out of style. Lounging on a patio soaking up the fresh air, sunshine and conversation with family and friends while catching a waft of the ...

Creative Camo | How to Hide Unsightly But Necessary Objects

When it comes to spring cleaning, you may think of washing windows, cleaning out closets, dusting and decluttering. Outside, spring chores tend to focus on trimming shrubs or tidying up ...

Seasonal Styling | Offer Guests a Year-Round Welcome to Your Front Porch

Like bears in their winter dens, many of us feel like hibernating in our cozy homes when the holiday season ends. But our front porches tell a different story. They ...

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