Maintenance Matters: Tips for Cleaning the Machines that Keep Us Clean

As contrary as it sounds, the machines that help keep us clean need to take a bath from time to time, too. A simple monthly cleaning routine, using basic ingredients ...

Aging in Place: Prepare Your Home for the Golden Years

The ability to live independently is something we strive for whether we are six years old or 66 years old, so it is no surprise that many of today’s seniors ...

Home Generators: Power Up When the Power’s Out

“It was a dark and stormy night. Marsha stumbled through the inky blackness of her living room as a driving rain pelted the windows…” Sounds like the beginning of a scary ...

Pantry Perfection: Organized for Optimum Performance

A new baby is coming home from the hospital today and a casserole is due next door before you can say “cream of mushroom soup.” The soccer team has climbed the ...

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