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Photos: James River Media Caring for the Wood that Stands Up to Weather Teak furniture was first made in England where hulls and decks of ships were salvaged to make ...


Beat Back Pests with a Mixture of Repellents and Elimination The advent of warmer weather brings so much to enjoy: light-filled days, gentle breezes and temperatures that invite outdoor lounging ...


Enjoy Plants Designed to Shine by the Light of the Moon Summer nights under the stars are always magical. As the hot temperatures retreat and surrender to a cool breeze, ...

Let’s take this OUTSIDE

CREATIVE IDEAS FOR YOUR LAWN AND GARDEN We’re constantly learning new ways to create and customize the interior of our homes with tried-and-true methods for exerting creative energy in our ...

Historic Garden Week

Information Provided by the Garden Club of Virginia
Photos courtesy of Mary Barritt
April 21, 2023
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 2023 ...

Poppies on Display | Prepare Your Garden for Eye-Catching Color

As we finish out the short, dark days of winter, we may take comfort in the memory of our summer gardens. Now is the time to plan for those blooms ...

Seeds of Hope | Planning Your Garden

What better way to banish the wintertime blues than to begin planning your vegetable garden when those first seed catalogs begin arriving? After all, nothing embodies more hope than a ...

Moth Orchids | The Perfect Cure for Winter

Orchids, once only available to the wealthy few who could afford greenhouses, have been democratized by the introduction of moth orchids that can be grown successfully in our homes. This ...