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Anne Marie Poore

Daylight Savings Time √
Redbud, Bradford Pear, Daffodil in bloom √
Spring Vacation √
St. Patrick’s Day √
First Day of Spring √
All of those check marks indicate it must be spring in the Roanoke Valley! I’m hoping by the time this Spring issue is in your freshly-washed hands, winter is a mere memory and we are now witnessing a full-on greening of the Valley.
The Spring issue of Roanoke Valley HOME is my favorite. From cover-to-cover the colors of spring abound. It’s time to emerge from our seasonal hibernation and get outside! Our readers will certainly enjoy reading about and planning a day trip to one or more of the beautiful public gardens in the Commonwealth. A day enjoying flora and fauna outdoors might be ideal given the social distancing advisory we are currently under.
Spring is the season to venture into the vegetable garden, and Becky Calvert’s article on companion planting will help you pair vegetables that grow well together, making your summer garden flourish. Perhaps your yard has a low light or a moist area; our feature on ferns will help you transform that spot into a shadeloving cool green oasis.
These warm months have us thinking of improvements and enhancements for our homes. This issue will assist homeowners in making informed decisions on the upgrades that offer the most return on investment. Design styles come and go, and our feature on design trends over the last decade highlights the home decor that has withstood the test of time. The home of Paul Economy and Randy Craver, this issue’s featured home, inspires us all with its outdoor living area and expansive views of the Roanoke Valley.
Now that we have more daylight, it’s a great time to get back to entertaining outside (or inside). We offer tips for hosting an effortless happy hour, the perfect opportunity to bring friends together for a casual occasion. Warm weather does allow many more opportunities to venture out, to catch up with family, friends and neighbors. We at HOME hope you glean fresh ideas on design, improvement and gardening with this issue, and, as you make your to-do list, please be sure to add, “Live the life you love” to the list!
Thank you for reading,
Anne Marie Poore

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