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Table Your Enthusiasm | Coffee Table Books that Feed Your Appetite for Interiors

Today, we do so much of our decorating and renovation research online. It can be easy to find a room-muse using social media, but why not invest in something longer lasting and (inarguably) more beautiful? So many of our favorite designers and artists publish the secrets to their inspiration in stunning coffee table books. We all love a good coffee table book—the glossy pictures, the instructive captions, and most of all, the added interest books add to our own tablescapes. Here, we’ve gathered are a few of our recent favorites. With everything from the classic style of Susan Scully to the good-vibes focus of Justina Blakeney, there is something for every style and every coffee table.
“Live Beautiful”
by Athena Calderone (2020)
In her latest project, lifestyle guru Calderone explores how designers craft their own spaces. In each space, Calderone studies the initial inspiration and breaks down the details of the rooms, such as layered textures and patterns, collected pieces and intimate vignettes, to showcase the journey to a complete and comfortable interior. Calderone’s tips and tricks paired with beautiful and detailed photographs will surely get your creativity flowing.
“The New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes”
by Justina Blakeney (2017)
n her second book, designer and artist Blakeney guides readers in bringing positive energy to the home, both through decor and practice. The book is divided into two parts: first, understanding the elements of achieving good vibes—clarity, flow, spirit, growth, and harmony; and second, a guide to designing spaces utilizing Feng Shui, symbols from around the world, and even crystals and flowers to influence the energy in your space. Blakeney explores how to affordably turn any space into a sanctuary by capturing the productive, soothing and inspiring energy you actually want to be around.
“Living in Provence”
by Barbara & Rene Stoeltie (authors) and Angelika Taschen (Editor) (2019)
Taschen’s “Living In” series blends travel with interior studies, showcasing the exterior beauty of the region and the distinct local interiors. In this study of the Provence region of France, the Stoelties explore the most remarkable homes (with quaint olive tree and lavender gardens and tiled rooftop terraces) across picturesque villages atop rocky hillsides. Included are master artist Paul Cézanne’s studio, Frédéric Mistral’s (1904 Nobel Prize winner) home, and the famous Hotel Nord-Pinus in Arles. The warm ochres of the natural stone and clay that have built the region’s homes for centuries and the minimal, cool and classic elements of evolving French design make this book an inspiration for the Francophile in all of us.
“Wild Interiors”
by Hilton Carter (2020)
Carter, a renowned plant stylist and plant care expert, guides readers through creating a lush interior garden that will not only look (and smell!) incredible, but can improve your mood and overall health. Hilton explores a wide variety of “plant parents” and their individual decorating styles and environments. From a tiny house in Venice, California, to a sprawling Barcelona home, Hilton presents ideas for all spaces and budgets, taking the reader room-by-room: plants that thrive in the humidity of bathrooms, the variable heat of kitchens, and the indirect light of an entryway or bedroom.
“Southern Hospitality at Home”
by Susan Sully (2019)
In a classic take on interiors, Sully presents a step-by-step and room-by-room guide to perfecting Southern hospitality in your home. Focusing on the areas where we entertain, Sully guides readers through inviting foyers and living rooms, comfortable kitchens and guest rooms, and charming and functional dining spaces. Sully’s goal is to teach readers how to craft their own classic and attainable style to exude welcome, hospitality and love in our homes. Along with beautiful photographs, Sully provides an extensive resource list of trusted architects, designers, landscapers and shoppers, as well as cultural anthropologists and “Southern home finders.”
“Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life”
by Christiana Coop and Aimee Lagos (2018)
The Scandinavian concept of hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) describes a feeling of coziness and contentedness. In their book, wallpaper designers Coop and Lagos explore different ways to infuse your space with hygge no matter where you are. Coop and Lagos teach readers the basic tenets of hygge-inspired homes: embracing nature, creating cozy spots, making plenty of space for loved ones, and imparting some personal charm into every room. With a focus on real people with real homes, “Hygge & West Home” will help you bring some coziness into whatever space you have.
“The House that Pinterest Built”
by Diane Keaton (2017)
In what is quickly becoming a classic guide to design, actor Diane Keaton takes readers on a journey as she puts together her own new home. Keaton draws inspiration from her past homes, her friends’ homes, film stills, book covers, pottery, and (of course) from her Pinterest profile to craft a dreamy space detailed in beautiful photographs. Keaton takes readers into the nitty-gritty of home design, from obsessing over bathroom light fixtures to mapping her kitchen’s layout. Keaton also explores environmental efficiency, providing great ideas for readers to adjust their own home improvements.

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