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Selecting Granite for Your Home

When considering countertops for your home, you have many options. To help guide your choices, it is important to understand some of the myths and truths surrounding the use of granite.

  • Granite is a high-maintenance stone.
  • Granite easily stains.
  • You cannot cut on granite or it will scratch.
  • Granite can be damaged by citric acid and vinegar.


  • Granite is an extremely low-maintenance stone; sealing it is a 20- to 30- minute job every 5 to 7 years.
  • With high-quality sealers today, it is unlikely that granite will stain when sealed correctly.
  • Granite is harder than metal. Cutting on it will not damage your stone, but it may dull your knives.
  • Most household products will not etch granite surfaces, except acid found in products like Drano.

Selecting granite for your home is like choosing a work of art. It is truly a sight to behold when you walk through a granite yard. The realization that these stones came from the earth, formed over millions of years, and each piece looks so different, makes this is an exciting process!
When selecting granite for your kitchen, there are several things to take into consideration that will help guide your choice, such as the cabinet color, natural lighting, paint and floor coloring. When you use a stone that contains mica and quartz, under-cabinet lighting can really bring the granite to life. Also, you should determine if you like “movement” in the stone, or if you prefer something less “busy.” In other words, granite with a more uniform look means one square inch looks like another square inch.
The difference between granite and marble is that marble is softer. Marble tends to stain and show water spots. When comparing granite to quartz, quartz will withstand heated items up to 350 degrees, and granite will handle temperatures even higher. Quartz tends to look more like a solid with little or no movement, but typically costs about the same as granite.
Also, you might want to consider a granite remnant for smaller applications. Remnants are merely the remains of beautiful stone slabs that were not needed for kitchens, yet in most cases remain large enough to use as vanities. So check out remnants as an option to help keep your costs down, saving you money!
The most important consideration of all is to choose a granite company that can help you find the perfect granite combination and enhance the beauty of your home. You are going to look at and enjoy your countertop for a long time—so love what you choose!
Premier Stone Fabrication, Inc. is a full-service company, offering an array of stone choices, including fabrication and installation. Most of our stone is imported from Brazil; however, we carry stones from all over the world, including the United States. For more information, visit Premier Stone Fabrication at 150 Hammitt Lane, Salem, Virginia 24153, 540-389-4327 or at

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