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Hiring an Interior Designer

Local designers answer some of the most commonly asked questions as homeowners consider renovating or upgrading their homes.

Elaine Stephenson, owner of Elaine Stephenson Interiors

What do clients feel is the greatest value designers add to their projects?
It is difficult for most people to verbalize and visualize when designing their own interior spaces. A designer can assist with interpreting their vision. The goal is to draw out the client’s thoughts and ideas and then form a cohesive plan. In addition, the designer provides an objective and experienced eye. It is much easier for a professional to see potential opportunities and problems from a neutral perspective.

Can designers really save their clients money?

The answer is YES!! Costly mistakes are avoided with planning and collaboration. Every decision is well thought out. This allows for a successful result the first time, thus avoiding expensive re-dos. Each purchase is carefully considered in order to assure that it is a viable part of the overall plan.

A good designer will provide classic interiors that withstand the test of time. Their lifespan is much longer than something trendy that quickly looks out of style.

What services do interior designers provide?

A full-service interior design firm provides space planning for new construction or an existing home or office. New construction projects provide a great opportunity for the designer to evolve the project into a well-defined architectural space. It may involve deciding the position and size of doors, moving walls, designing kitchens and baths. These are only a few of the elements that make a successful project.

A designer can also provide custom furniture, window treatments, rugs, paint treatments, wall coverings and accessories. There is a wealth of resources that interior designers can bring to their clients that they would not otherwise have access to in order to provide a truly unique look.
Hourly consultation is another option for clients seeking advice for paint selections, furniture arrangement, accessorizing or picture hanging.

Elaine Stephenson Interiors is located at 3117 Franklin Road in Roanoke. Contact her at 540-344-9401 or

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