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Go Digital! Five Apps to Interest Retirees

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Applications, commonly called “apps,” are software programs that can be downloaded to mobile devices, like phones, tablets, e-readers, smart watches, and smart TVs. If you own an Apple device, the Apple Store is your go-to electronic shop for exciting new apps that can help train your brain, plan your next vacation, track your finances, and more. If you are an Android user, Google Play is your digital marketplace to explore. HOME has discovered a few fun, helpful apps that may be appealing particularly to retirees—but possibly to people of all ages!


Lumosity is a popular brain-training app that offers daily brain games to users of all ages. The games aim to improve and maintain the user’s cognition, memory and mental agility, which can help you keep your brain on its toes. The brain games are divided into the categories of memory, attention, problem-solving, flexibility, speed and language. The app is free to download, with in-app subscription purchases available, and compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. When you download Lumosity and create your account, the app will administer a “Fit Test” to calculate a baseline score for your mental fitness with three brain games. After the test, you will have the option to choose between Premium Training, a route that offers more tracking tools and control over your regimen, or Limited Training, which offers a smaller assortment of daily brain game workouts without customization or tracking. If you sign up on your first day using the app, Premium Training costs $11.99 monthly, or $4.00 per month if you commit to a year-long subscription.

NYT Cooking

The New York Times Cooking app will help you impress your guests or mix up your everyday cooking routine with over 17,000 recipes at your fingertips. The app offers instructional videos to help users refine and master new culinary skills. Users will appreciate the streamlined layout of the recipes and the scrumptious photographs that accompany them. The app will keep your phone awake when a recipe is on-screen, so you won’t have to reach for your phone with sticky fingers. The convenient “Recipe Box” feature allows users to store favorite recipes and organize them into collections. Keep expanding your repertoire by trying the app’s personalized recommendations for you, inspired by your saved recipes, as well as its unique “Recipe of the Day” that will appear on the app’s home screen. Users may leave public comments on recipes for fellow cooks or private notes for their own reference. Share your favorite recipes via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email. NYT Cooking is available to download for free on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch.


Save yourself from squinting at your menu, book or receipt next time you realize you forgot your reading glasses. Download the Eyereader app that transforms your mobile device into a magnifying glass. Open the app, hold your phone above your reading material, and see the text magnified on your phone’s screen. The app uses the LED iPhone light to brighten small text in dark settings, while the camera captures and magnifies the text on the screen. The app costs $1.99, and is compatible with iPhone (iPhone 4 or higher), 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and iPod Touch. For Android users, some comparable apps include Magnifier and Magnifying Glass + Flashlight, both available for free download.


Airbnb is a website where travelers can browse listings for rooms, apartments and entire homes in locations around the globe. The company offers an easily accessible app that can be downloaded for free on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Android devices. Airbnb now offers users the chance to book exhilarating travel experiences, such as ceramic-making classes in Cape Town, guided walking tours to the Hollywood sign, painting alongside a Parisian artist, or tasting wine in Barcelona. Users can save their favorite options on the app when comparing accommodation possibilities. Also, if you’re interested in renting out a room, apartment, or your entire home to travelers, users have the opportunity to become Airbnb hosts to generate extra income. Hosts may also offer visitors unique experiences that show off the things they love most about their local area.


Mint is a free app that allows users to track and manage their finances from their mobile Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. With Mint, users may keep track of bank accounts, credit cards, bills, investments, and their credit score all in one place. The app can help you save time and simplify your financial planning during retirement. Mint is particularly helpful for vacationers as it allows you to monitor your finances from your mobile devices while away from your home computer. The app offers bill pay reminders to prevent missed and late payments, and helpful savings tips. Users may also schedule payments ahead of time using Mint. Created by the makers of TurboTax®, Mint uses multi-factor authentication and VeriSign for security scanning in order to protect your financial data. Users may sync their information across each of their compatible devices, including the desktop version of the website. Mint is a versatile app that has garnered much online praise and attention for its value, ease of access, and efficiency.

Apps can act as wonderful, user-friendly resources for retirees looking to stay active, get creative, take on new ventures, and expand their digital horizons.

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