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Fit & Fabulous | Exercise Classes Around Town

For many, the promise of a fit and toned body is enticing, but walking into a big gym with foreign equipment and no knowledge of where to begin can be intimidating. Not to mention, a change in your workout routine can keep you motivated to achieve greater fitness goals. In the Roanoke area there are various facilities where you can get a fresh take on working out, with activities such as Pure Barre, Pilates, yoga, Orangetheory Fitness, CrossFit, aerial arts, and more.
Pure Barre
Pure Barre is the largest barre franchise in the nation, with more than 460 studios throughout the U.S. and Canada, including one located in the Keagy Village Shopping Center. Pure Barre is a total body workout using the ballet barre to perform isometric movements to burn fat and sculpt muscles. The technique has quickly become popular because of its ability to transform the shape of your body while providing a fun, high-energy workout routine. Recommended for all fitness levels, Pure Barre offers a free introductory class and various packages, ranging from $23 for a single class, to five-, 10-, and 20-class packages.
emPower Pilates & Yoga
Another full-body workout option available on Electric Road is emPower Pilates & Yoga studio. It offers classes such as strong yoga/Pilates core, Pilates mat, roller, orbit class, and prenatal yoga. Pilates and yoga both work to improve posture, balance, and flexibility, relaxing the mind while strengthening muscles. The orbit class is so-named for Orbit, the Pilates gliding platform which focuses on abdominal and oblique muscles. Using circular and linear movements along with balance, this workout strengthens muscles by engaging angles that traditional ab workouts don’t utilize. For those who want a less rigorous workout routine that will make you feel revived afterwards, the roller class uses a roller for floor exercises that work the core, relieve chronic tension, and alleviate muscle tightness. While this is a workout, it is also designed to provide the benefits of roller massage. Drop-in classes are $20, with four- and 8-class packages available, and additional classes at $15 each.
Orangetheory Fitness
If a workout based on scientific research sounds like your style, Orangetheory Fitness on Keagy Road offers traditional workout equipment with the benefit of trained coaches leading each class, preventing you from over- or under-training. Each session is one hour and is divided into five sections of cardio or weights, such as spin, rowing, running, burpees, and more. While working out, members are equipped with heart rate monitors. Orangetheory uses five-zone heart rate interval training, arranged into training blocks. Members focus on achieving certain zones for 12 or more minutes during each section, which is designed to produce an increased metabolic rate for up to 36 hours post-workout. This level of training enhances strength, energy, and overall fitness levels, and devotees swear by the results. There are three levels of membership: basic (four classes per month), elite (8 classes per month), and premier (unlimited classes). Contracts are month-tomonth, and rates can vary, but each class is typically in the range of $8 to $14.
Brickhouse CrossFit
Brickhouse CrossFit, located on Salem Avenue, is a fitness program with a devoted following. It’s composed of a wide array of functional movements derived from gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more, performed at high intensity. The workout routine provides dramatic gains in fitness for individuals of all body types and abilities. In addition to monthly membership ($149) and drop-in ($20) rates, Brickhouse CrossFit offers a seven-week entrance fundamentals program, which includes three weeks of fundamentals, one month of CrossFit, plus access to the masters class, Olympic weightlifting, and open gym, for $199. Nutrition coaching, a monthly service all about learning how to fuel your body to receive maximum training benefits, is $125 a month. An Olympic weightlifting unlimited membership is $89 dollars a month, and the weekly swimming team is $39 a month.
Cirqulation Aerial Arts & Acrobatics
If staying on the ground isn’t your style, Cirqulation, on Campbell Avenue in downtown, offers a high-flying shakeup to your workout routine with aerial arts and acrobatics. Like the beautiful aerial dances seen in Cirque du Soleil, it is designed to be an adaptive learning process where members are encouraged to play, process, and progress based on individual needs. Movements engage the body in a workout which includes the back, core, shoulder, and leg muscles to suspend and move in a flowing motion. Classes are a six-week series (six classes) for $150, with other options available for private or semi-private lessons, and parties.
Arete Pole Fitness
Another workout that gets you moving in an artistic dance style is pole fitness at Arete Pole Fitness, on Colorado Street in Salem. Arete teaches tasteful moves which build confidence and tone your entire body. This form of exercise includes moves to make even beginner students feel comfortable, or advanced combinations to challenge experienced dancers. Classes begin at $15 each for a five-class series, and discounts are offered for threemonth, six-month, and one-year memberships. Drop-in rates are $20 to $25 and are included in membership plans; private lessons (in-studio or online) are $40.
Whether you want to lengthen and tone, stretch and relax, up the intensity, or take to the air, the Roanoke area has a range of classes to challenge your body while breaking you out of the typical gym routine. These fitness classes offer the chance for you to learn something new while connecting with individuals in the community who have the same goals. Visit the websites above for more information on each class, and to take the first step to a healthier you!

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