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Anne Marie Poore

When crafting my editor’s note, I always start the process by reading the previous year’s note. But looking at what I wrote for the Holiday issue in 2019 made me realize Holiday 2020 will look quite different from all angles! Not to worry; HOME will have you embracing the seasonal traditions and thinking outside the box to celebrate and make new memories as we continue to navigate the pandemic.
Our Holiday Showcase Home is a family home with a traditional feel, but the modern accents and conveniences will inspire. The home, decorated in its holiday finery, abounds with natural greenery throughout. Homeowner Heather Greer has collected silver bells through the years and featuring the entire silver bell collection on the Christmas tree is absolutely stunning.
Animal prints and hides are gaining in popularity. Learn how best to use them in your decor as well as how to care for and maintain them for optimal longevity. Also trending: gold hardware finishes. Options include brushed gold, champagne bronze, satin gold, copper, honey bronze and more. There are so many choices; HOME will help you make the most of this accent color.
Evergreens are the stars of the winter garden and this issue offers an overview of favorite conifers for your yard. The holidays mean gift giving even through COVID-19 restrictions. Plants are the perfect gift to give and to receive. Amaryllis, paperwhites, and succulents bring cheer and fresh greenery (and zero calories) to friends and family, near and far.
Homemade gifts are always appreciated any time of the year, but it seems at holiday time, we are in high gear to make something wonderful to share with neighbors and friends. This season try making infused spirits or vinegars. Try easy recipes for gifting such as mint-infused bourbon or pepper-infused vodka (think quick Bloody Marys). Looking for an activity during a break from Zooming and online learning? Big-batch cookie baking may fit the bill! One big batch of cookie dough can be transformed into many different cookie/dessert options, sure to tempt your taste buds.
After the cookie baking, why not bring game night back into rotation? We’ve all had enough screen time, so revisit the board games of your childhood as well as games that are new to the table. And the snacks—don’t forget the game night snacks!
Our feature article on local non-profits providing food and housing for Roanokers in need and transition provides program information and ways we might be able to give our time, talents or financial support during the season of giving. We can all play a part in the change we want to see in our region.
As we wrap up a turbulent 2020, together, let’s look forward to a new year, a healthier year. Unquestionably, ready or not here comes 2021!
Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday, and as always, thank you for reading.
Anne Marie Poore

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