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Anne Marie Poore

As I write this, we are still in the throes of this pandemic that has touched all of our lives in one way or another. The immediate effects of exposure and the long-term effects the Great Pause will have—on not only our health and welfare—but also on our economy and personal bottom line resonate. As we continue to social distance and take the necessary precautions to gradually enter into the new normal, please know that although we are apart, you are not alone. 
HOME Magazine continues to support and promote local businesses and offer our readers exceptional and informative information about home design and improvement, gardening and lifestyle. We hope the pages of this June issue are a welcome respite as you continue to stay close to home. 
June is the gateway month to the idyllic season of summer! Enjoy reading about the favorite summer flower, the zinnia. Peppers are a summer staple in the garden and easy to love for their health benefits and brilliant colors. Especially timely is June’s article about ecofriendly gardening. And our article about elevated summer side dishes will have you excited for your next family cookout. 
Recently, you’ve spent many hours in and around the house. Rethinking areas of your home that could be better utilized? Our feature on flexible spaces can foster ideas on how to make certain rooms in your home more versatile. Backsplashes can be an interesting focal point in the kitchen; find out what’s new in materials and design.
Time, of late, has been on our side. The time to organize, sort and plan has been a rare gift. Now the weather is warming. We can enjoy the fresh air and embrace the change in season. I’m hopeful—as I know you are—that soon we will be trying to decide what to wear to an event (besides a trip to the grocery store) or be thinking about planning a dinner with friends. 
Be well, remain hopeful and, as always, thank you for reading.
Anne Marie Poore

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