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Anne Marie Poor

Springtime in the Blue Ridge Mountains is truly something special. April in the Roanoke Valley is spectacular! The Lenten roses, tulips, dogwood blossoms, you get the idea — all confirmation that a change of season is upon us. In that vein, this issue of HOME is bursting with inspiration inside and outside.

First, let’s get “sprouting,” as adding shoots and sprouts to your recipes can have healthy and tasty advantages. Honey is another addition to a healthier lifestyle. Read about nature’s liquid gold full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents along with being a natural sweetener. 

Pocket gardens are making a comeback — “found” green spaces that add so much to a neighborhood. Most often located in urban settings, the pocket park becomes a sliver of possibilities embraced and nurtured by a community and can deflect urban blight and bring pride to an otherwise desolate area.

Also, Kendall Livick helps us find our inner-designer style. Find out what you love, and make the most of your designer instincts. Maybe you know what you are ready to acquire but do you know when to save or when to splurge? We’ve got great advice to make sure you spend (or save) with confidence! 

April in Virginia also means Historic Garden Week, and this year’s tour in Roanoke is set for Saturday, April 27. Lakewood Colony is a little-known neighborhood in the Southwest sector of Roanoke City. Fun fact: My first visit to Roanoke in the late ’80s was to Lakewood, as the young man I was dating grew up there, and it was time for me to meet his parents and see his hometown. Well, I fell in love with Lakewood Colony (and later the young man too, who became my husband). The homes and gardens on tour will capture your heart as well. Preview the Roanoke tour in this issue and purchase your tickets locally at Townside Gardens or online at

Spring in southwest Virginia is a bountiful and abundant feast for the senses. Enjoy the color, the fragrance and the warmth of renewal as the Roanoke Valley springs forward!

As always, thank you for reading.

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