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What Does Your Personality Archetype Dictate About Your Preferred Style?

If you’ve ever wondered why certain décor styles appeal to you, while others don’t, personality archetypes may hold a clue for this mystery. Examples of famous personality type tests, include the Myers-Briggs, The Big Five, Human Design and the Enneagram. This three-part series focuses on the latter and the archetypes that embody the philosophy. This first installment will cover numbers 1-3. 

The Enneagram is based on an ancient system that has roots in a variety of religions, including Christianity, mystical Judaism and more. The theory describes nine categories of personality we see in our midst. If you don’t know your type and want to find out, you can find a test online. You may recognize yourself in one or more of these numbers, and personality typology could be one more tool to nail down your personal design. 

  • 1 Ones, the reformers, are logical and always ready to live in alignment with their principles and ideals. They are intentional in their way of life, self-disciplined and perfection seeking. They want to live in a way that is objectively virtuous and correct. 
  • 2 Twos, the helpers, are the natural caretakers of the world. As born hosts and hostesses, they come across as warm, giving, nurturing and inviting. They want to make others feel adored and accepted, and they may have a tendency to become territorial or overprotective of those they love. 
  • 3 Threes, the achievers, are ambitious, driven, success-seeking and focused on image. They chase their big dreams and are highly motivated to hustle in pursuit of the next goal. They want to challenge themselves and perform well to impress others and gain admiration. 
  • 4 Fours, the individuals, are the sensitive artists of the world. Fours can express themselves in dramatic ways, experience mood swings and come across as melancholy. Yet, they are old souls with a poetic flair. 
  • 5 Fives, the investigators, are intellectually curious, highly intelligent and typically introverted. They are passionate about researching their areas of interest and prefer to spend much of their time in solitude, in order to process their thoughts and manage their energy. 
  • 6 Sixes, the loyalists, are community-oriented and relationship-focused on their lifelong friends, family members and inner circle. They show up in our world as dutiful contributing citizens who embrace critical thinking. Although they can have a tendency to worry, they can also channel fear into creating security and preparing for a rainy day. 
  • 7 Sevens, the enthusiasts, are focused on the pursuit of fun and adventure. They are flexible, yet difficult to pin down at times, due to their scattered nature. They focus on positivity and finding the silver linings in life. If times get rough or intolerable, they yearn to flee to greener pastures. 
  • 8 Eights, the challengers, are tough bulldozer types who wield power and force. They are full of confidence, competence and determination. They also do not shy away from confrontation and tough conversations. Instead, they address conflict head-on with an assuredness of victory. 
  • 9 Nines, the peacemakers, are sometimes referred to as the “sweethearts of the Enneagram.” With their good-natured vibes, they tend to go with the flow. They are pleasant to be around, affirming toward others around them, naturally empathetic and accommodating. They go along to get along and have an air of natural lovability about them. 

Wonderful one 
Ones are the perfectionists of the Enneagram. Called the “reformers,” ones are on a quest to live in alignment with their ideals. Whatever their brand of excellence, you will see evidence in their home. You might walk into a home gym, where they work up a sweat if fitness is their thing. An office will reveal career ambition. Their kitchen could be stocked with healthy, organic food if healthy living is a cause they support. While visiting a one, you will likely admire their integrity and pursuit of their goals. They embody self-discipline and a principled life. Don’t be surprised if you leave with a few new goals to pursue and moral perspectives that may or may not lead to a complete change in lifestyle. 

If you identify as a one, you probably have an eye for precision and tend to prefer clean lines and minimalism. Classic architecture, neutral colors, open floor plans, natural light pouring in through the windows and high ceilings offer plenty of space to rest and anchor the thoughts in a busy mind. You’ll want to highlight your intellect, so be sure to have built-ins for awards or a gallery wall for diplomas and certificates. Many ones are into green living and may be drawn to the biophilic design style. If this sounds like you, check out Scandinavian, Japandi and Industrial design styles for some one-derful inspiration. 

Tasteful two
Twos are the quintessential hosts. If any of the archetypes know how to roll out the red carpet for guests with big love, it’s a two. Embellishments that are extra special and bring about a sense of nostalgia are typical in their homes. A displayed quilt that honors ancestors, for example, or relics passed down the family tree, will be proudly presented. Displayed pictures of loved ones are a guarantee. Depending on other personality factors, where they fall on the minimalism versus maximalism scale may vary. Either way, their home is guaranteed to feature some element of traditionalism. Extra special touches of hospitality, such as a coffee bar, quick snacks and a general flow pattern in the kitchen for quick and easy navigation can be expected. They will be less likely to turn away unexpected company, and they will immediately snap into the role of host even when surprised. When visiting a two, guests feel wrapped in a warm hug. In their home, you will feel like you can immediately relax into the atmosphere. It will mean the world to them if you reciprocate and pull out some extra stops the next time they visit you! 

If you are a two, you will want to fill your home with cozy comforts. You’ll be likely to create nooks like a seating area around a fireplace, a window seat for reading or a lounge area on the screened-in porch. Different seating options with soft throw blankets and pillows encourage guests to settle in. You’ll check in with guests to ensure that the house is a comfortable temperature and that bellies are full. If this sounds like you, turn your attention to Traditional, Grandmillenial and Modern Farmhouse for some styles that offer cozy creativity. 

Thematic three 
Threes are most likely to have a specifically curated look to match their aesthetic vision. Image-conscious with an eye for style, threes have an eye toward the future. They tend to gravitate to a contemporary style with bold patterns. Their homes are likely to feature large statement light fixtures and lots of modern art adorning their walls. Threes also won’t be shy to incorporate bright, contrasting colors. Although this group isn’t as traditional or nostalgic as twos, they might hearken back to days gone by if it’s a new spin on an old style. If you visit a three, you will feel impressed by their fast-paced lifestyle and ability to stay ahead of trends. Threes are go-getters who always have their sights set on the next accomplishment. They want to make the most of their lives and push their potential to the brink. Whether it’s a hobby, a chosen vocation, a pet project or a personal passion, they strive to be the best of the best and always on the receiving end of applause. Because of the boundary-pushing nature of the threes, it’s not uncommon for them to take on hefty renovations to accommodate a new passion or goal. Imagine the new rock climber constructing a climbing gym in the attic, or the aspiring botanist creating an elaborate landscape in the front yard. For this reason, the spotlight usually finds them. 

If you identify with this group, you’ll most likely highlight many wow factors in your home. Pops of color will capture the eye of onlookers, and the latest styles and trendy touches will be the name of the game, as these different elements and knickknacks compete for attention. If this sounds like you, seek inspiration in Contemporary, Postmodern and Art Deco design styles. 

Join us in the next issue to continue the fun with types 4-6.  

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