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Velvet | Posh, Plush and A La Mode

For accessible luxury, it’s hard to beat velvet. Today’s fabric bears little resemblance to the stiff, fussy velvet that graced the formal parlors of previous eras. Thanks to modern technology, this traditional textile has been updated with a soft sleekness and glossy sheen that’s inviting to touch and sink into, while being easier to clean than ever before.
The secret to making velvet feel modern is to play it off simple, streamlined pieces. Midcentury Eames-style dining chairs covered in velvet elevate a functional space. A velvet sofa pops against clean white walls and modern art, and adds artistic flair. A plush headboard with crisp bed linens adds a slightly decadent, bohemian flair. Simple velvet drapes add a warm backdrop to a sleek desk or side table. Use it as an accent rather than an all-over look—a velvet armchair will up the glamor and style of any space, while even a few downfilled throw pillows provide an opulent gleam. Jewel tones such as sapphire and emerald, as well as unexpected shades of pink, aqua and sunshine yellow, all add va-va-voom. 

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