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LOVE your linen closet | Bed, Bath And Beyond Organization

The smallest nooks and crannies of your home shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in terms of organization. If the closets where you tuck away your home goods are well-kept and uncluttered, it helps your abode run like a well-oiled machine.
These days, linen closets contain more than just linens and have turned into a catchall for everything bed-and-bath-related. Control the chaos of your linen closet with these organization and folding tips. And, if you don’t have a proper linen closet, we have a few suggestions on how you can easily DIY one.
Overall organization
When organizing your linen closet, use bins of the same color or material, like seagrass or canvas, to creative a cohesive look. By using the same organizational bins throughout, your closet will appear tidy, giving you a calming feeling every time you open your closet door. To ensure that you can easily find what you are looking for, label your bins with pretty tabs.
Fill other bins with items like rolls of toilet paper and tissues, so they are out of sight. Lidded glass jars are great for storing items like cotton balls, Q-tips, and clothes pins, and also for displaying them in a pretty way. Small plastic drawers are the perfect place to tuck away random things like hair accessories, bandages, medications, and other small items of that nature.
Store seasonal linens, like heavy quilts and flannel sheets, higher up in the closet, since you’ll only need to access those a few times a year. And, make sure that the items you are using daily are within an easy arm’s reach—towels, toiletries, and such. At the bottom of the closet, tuck away a small stool so that you’ll always be able to get a leg up to grab the hard-to-reach items.
Fill a caddy with cleaning supplies such as bleach, paper towels and plastic gloves so you can easily grab them when your bathroom needs a quick clean-up. To use every square inch of space, don’t forget about the back of the closet door. Hang your ironing board, or install a towel bar or rack of narrow shelving to store small items like toiletries.
RV_espring2018_Improve_linen2Folding tips
Folding fitted sheets can be cumbersome and, if you don’t do it right, can leave your sheets wrinkled and your linen closet looking a mess. To properly fold your fitted sheet, the key is getting the corners folded up within one another. While it can be helpful to watch a video of this being done, here is a step-by-step guide:
Place a corner of the fitted sheet over each of your hands with the inside of the sheet facing away from you. Take your right hand/sheet corner and cross it over your body, placing it onto your left hand/left sheet corner. Keeping your left hand in the corners, use your right hand to grab the fold and shake the sheet so that the sheet lines up on the bottom. (Your goal is to keep all corners on your left hand.) Take your right hand, while still holding the fold, and find the outside sheet corner at the left bottom and bring it up, placing the third corner over your left hand with the other two corners. Bend down again and, using your right hand, grab the fourth corner and pick it up and place it over your left hand with the other three corners. Place the folded sheet on a flat surface. The elastic edges should naturally fold into an L-shape, so that the bed sheet looks like a square. From there, fold the sheet into thirds, so that it is long and thin. Fold the sheet into thirds again so that it is neat and compact.
Bed sheet pro-tip: To keep bed linens tidy and together, fold them and store them inside a matching pillow case.
RV_espring2018_Improve_linen3Look no further than the linen department in stores for inspiration on how to fold your towels at home. This method works for hand towels and bath towels alike, and allows you to display them beautifully:
Fold the towel in half so that the top and bottom are touching, then fold it in half again. From side to side, fold the towel into thirds, so that it is a small, compact rectangle. When stacking the towels in your linen closet, make sure that the nicely folded edge is facing out to keep your closet looking orderly.
Linen closet DIY
Don’t have a linen closet? That’s okay! You can easily make your own linen closet with furnishings like an old armoire or bookcase. Transform a bookcase into linen storage by displaying beautiful folded linens and adding matching baskets as a catchall for cleaning products, toiletries and tissues. A chest with drawers is a great alternative, as you can easily tuck linens and bathroom supplies out of sight. If you have a spacious bathroom, you also can install cabinetry or a shelving unit that can be used as towel and toiletry storage.
With the proper storage systems in place and some tidy folding methods, your newly organized linen closet is guaranteed to keep your household running smoothly.

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