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Anne Marie Poore

Here we are in the second month of a new decade. My emphasis would be on “new.” 2020 brings so many new opportunities to re-boot, refresh and recharge! 
This Early Spring issue will bring you up to speed on flooring trends—be it hardwoods, carpet or sustainable material for your floors. Interested in a new design motivation? Integrate health and wellness into your home design and planning. Color is paramount in most home improvement projects and in this issue, the latest and greatest paint colors will have you ready to start rolling. Once you’ve picked out new paint colors, an area rug refresh might be in order. Find out what’s new in area rug colors, textures and styles.
A new year often brings new to-do lists, and culling clutter is an annual endeavor. HOME will help you figure out where to start with this mundane yet daunting task. In the kitchen stir up a new marinade, sauce or rub. HOME will help you ad flare to your usual fare.
Although Southwest Virginia is still in late winter, our thoughts turn to the garden we dream of in June. Now is the perfect time to begin thinking of summer blooms and planning a cutting garden will ensure you are ready and set to grow once the weather warms. Strawberries are a super-food full of benefit as well as an easy groundcover. Learn how to start strawberries inside now and move them outside for a bevy of summer berries.
As you read through this issue of Roanoke Valley HOME—waiting out the winter indoors—try a new paint color, tackle a long ignored task, and plan ahead for a bountiful summer. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to shake off winter and spring will have sprung! 
Anne Marie Poore

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